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Banh mi Viet Nam…

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, people often think of noodles or spring rolls. However, silently but steadily, Banh mi has become one of the most favorite dish in the world. Unlike pho is called as noodles, rice is called as rice,  banh mi is the one and only Vietnamese dish that is loved and remembered by the customers with its original name “banh mi”.

Bánh mì literally means bread (bánh) that is made from wheat (mì). The beginning of banh mi Saigon in particular, and banh mi Vietnam in general, is the French baguette bread brought to Vietnam in the beginning of the 19th century. Throughout a whole century of ups-and-downs, the French bread has been modified to better suit Vietnamese tastes and traditions. Unlike original Western style that sandwiches are eaten together with jam, cold meat and dipped into soup, Vietnamese bread can be fused with everything from pate, canned fish, roasted pork, chicken, beef, etc. The dish carries Vietnamese traditional, simple tastes but it is not, at all, outdated. Nevertheless, banh mi only really changed and reached out tot he world after 1970, when the Japanese-style closed oven was invented to help banh mi become more crispy, empty and porous. It was the change that gave banh mi a unique flavor.

In 2012, Banh mi really became a “sandwich” phenomenon that drew the whole world’s attention. The Guardian newspaper called banh mi as “the most delicious sandwich in the world” while Lamfoodblog, a famous food blogger firmly claimed that banh mi was the sandwich he admired the most.

With such bread fever, Mr. Dam banh mi wants to bring and share the national cuisine to different countries in order to let everybody be able to enjoy the taste “banh mi Vietnam”.

Mr Dam - Banh mi

Mr.Dam banh mi is especially specialized in making bread so that customers are able to enjoy the most authentic Vietnamese taste. However, besides bread, Mr.Dam also serves other Vietnamese dishes, vegetarian and meat, such as noodles salad, fried rice, fried noodles and spring rolls in order to create variety and serve different needs of customers.

The highlight of Mr.Dam banh mi products is that they are made based on three main criteria: tasty, safe and environmentally friendly. Delicious because of the traditional recipes which bring authentic Vietnamese taste. Safe because Mr.Dam ensures all products are freshly home-made without any preservatives. Finally, Mr.Dam banh mi is proud to claim that all products are wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging, no plastic or components that damage the environment.

Mr Dam, Chef cook