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Crispy roasted pork banh mi

With the key ingredients consists of pork belly roasted till crispy, pate, special hoisin sauce, cilantro, carrot and cucumber pickles, this dish promises to bring a unique flavor to the meal.

Bánh mì chả

Traditional beef sausage banh mi

Home-made Mr.Dam beef sausage with traditional recipe ensures the freshness, authentic flavor and no preservatives. With the filling consists of pate, pork sausage fused with pickles, cucumber, chili and cilantro, pork sausage banh mi is the most simple and popular bread on the streets of Saigon.

Bánh mì gà

Grilled chicken banh mi

Key ingredients of this dish are grilled chicken, cucumber, vegetables and pickles. However, what make the dish stand out and loved by most people is the aromatic and flavory sauce.

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Vegetarian banh mi*

With the main ingredients include crunchy bread fused with well fried tofu, corriander, cucumber, pickles and vegetarian sauce, Mr. Dam banh mi promises to bring a fresh and delicious flavor to serve various needs of customers.

* The highlight of Mr.Dam banh mi’s vegetarian dishes comes from homemade tofu with traditional recipes. 

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Grilled beef banh mi

Filling of the bread is made from grilled beef marinated with five spices seasoning. Going along with the filling are different kinds of pickles and sauces that make the bread rich in taste.
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Beef Burger banh mi

With the fillings consist of hamburger made from grounded beef, coriander, carrot, tomatoes, cucumber combined with special sauce and mayonnaise, this dish is a best choice to warm-up for the cold days.

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Tofu salad VERMICELLI*

With the main ingredients include fresh noodles, crispy tofu, roasted peanuts, sweet and sour sauce made from vegetarian spices together with mixed vegetables (Carrot, cucumber, herbs), tofu salad noodles is not only a delicious but also a fresh dish to meet different needs of customers.

* The highlight of Mr.Dam banh mi’s vegetarian dishes comes from homemade tofu with traditional recipes.

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Grilled beef VERMICELLI

Well-baked lean beef with light aroma of lemongrass and sesame, sweet and sour fish sauce and mixed vegetables (cucumber, carrot & herbs) are the key ingredients which make Beef Salad Noodles not only quick but also delicious to all the regions of Vietnam. Considering all features above, the dish is suitable for both main meals as well as snacks.

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Salad Roll scrimp

With main ingredients include shrimp, rice paper, herbs, mixed salad, cucumber and noodles dipped into sweet sour fish sauce, spring rolls can be seen as a salad bowl wrapped in rice paper. Thus, this dish is not only delicious but also fresh and healthy.

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Fried rice / fired noodles

Fried rice (or fried noodles) is a popular dish in Asian cuisine. At Mr.Dam, customers can 100% customize their dishes by choosing the side dish goes with the rice/noodles such as::
• BBQ Chicken
• Beef grill
• Roasted pork meat
• Roasted chicken drumsticks
• Beef rattles
• Tofu